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Making a Difference

The Flint Police Activities League (PAL) is a youth serving organization working in conjunction with local businesses and the community to promote good citizenship in youth by cultivating and improving moral and civic standards. We strive to foster greater positive communication between the police and the community and to create an interest among citizens and businesses in their responsibilities to youth.

For many children in our society, poverty and limited opportunities have become a way of life. Drug use and violence, as well as the lack of a family structure, have a seriously negative impact on the environment of the children. To the child, it often seems that joining in with these negative forces is the only way out. These youngsters want a better way of life, new role models, and social skills that will help them break out of the circle of poverty and criminal behavior that surrounds them.

The Flint Police Department recognizes the plight of these young people and are one of several major urban law enforcement agencies nationally that has a Police Activities Leage (PAL). Problems that lie at the root of crime are poverty, drugs, and the collapse of the family unit. Obviously, these are not small problems within themselves. In order to have an effect on them, we need the cooperation of the entire community an beyond. If each of us donated a few hours a week to organizations that are already out there fighting for our futures, our efforts would have a profound impact on the future health of our communities.

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